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The Journey of Cabernet Sauvignon Red Wines from Vineyard to Your Glass

The moment you sip a glass of Cabernet Sauvignon with your friends or your loved one, a group of people feels proud as they could make your party royal! Well, the red wine in your glass goes through a long and exciting process from the vineyard to your glass. Being one of the top Cabernet Sauvignon brands USA, let’s today help you experience the scenes behind the curtains and tell you the amazing story.

The vineyard — a place where nature meets craftsmanship, creating the beautiful symphony and goes through a process to produce the gift of God — the red wine. The process is not only thrilling, but it also tells you a lot about the golden traditions that we are still safeguarding to offer you the best flavor and taste. No matter you’re a wine lover or just curious about how Memorato, the Best red wines USA is made, this article will give you an insider’s view of the art, science and above all passion involved!

The Vineyard: The Place Where It All Begins

Our journey starts in the vineyard, where the farmers row seeds to create lush grapevines spread through yards, if not miles, in the horizon. These vines are carefully nurtured throughout the year, soaking up the sun and the nutrients from the soil and during this time, they need to be protected from diseases, mal-nutrition, dehydration and other climatic or natural attacks. Each grape variety has its own unique flavor, and our skilled vineyard workers ensure that the grapes are harvested at the perfect moment, when they are ripe and full of flavor.

Harvesting The Grapes: It All Depends Upon ‘Perfect Timing’

Harvesting the grapes is one of the most crucial steps, says Rodolfo Millan, the Winemaker of Memorato, one of the best wine brands in USA. Too early, and the grapes will be too sour; too late, and they will be too sweet. Our team watches the weather and checks the grapes regularly to decide the perfect time to pick them. Once the right moment comes, the grapes are carefully hand-picked to avoid damaging them, ensuring only the best ones make it to the winery.

Crushing and Fermentation: The Heart-Beat of The Winemaking Process

As soon as the harvesting process is done, they are washed thoroughly and any leaf, branch or other particles are removed carefully.  Now the clean grapes are brought to the winery, where they are crushed. The crushing process releases the juice, which is then left to ferment which is a fascinating process where natural yeast converts the sugars present in the grape juice to produce alcohol. Yeah, that’s the prime moment for which all the process is done! It’s purely a science. We monitor the temperature and the yeast activity closely to ensure the best possible flavor develops, which demands years of experience.

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Aging of The Wine: The Time for Maturity

After fermentation is completed, the wine is separated and stored in barrels made of specific wood. Now aging process is started which makes a wine one of the best Cabernet Sauvignon brands USA. Yes, aging is what gives wine its complex flavors and rich texture. The wine rests in these barrels for several months, sometimes even years, depending on the desired final product, said Mr. Rodolfo Millan, the winemaker of Memorato.

Bottling: The Last Process before Reaching Your Party

No need to explain any more that it’s the final process where we taste the maturity of the wine and finally do the bottling, labelling and sending to stores. It’s completely an automated process where hygiene and perfection are needed to make sure they are ready to drink and have the royal touch to give you the best experience every time


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